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  • Image of Pocket Diary with Class Ledger
  • Image of Pocket Diary with Class Ledger

Pocket Diary with Class Ledger

On Sale

You will receive ONE vintage pocket size diary and ONE vintage class ledger. Diary will vary and measures approximately 3" x 6". The idea is to use the diary to create a simple page of art a day. This simple act will hopefully motivate you to get out your bigger sketchbooks and continue to make art daily or often. Follow my Instagram feed MishWooderson to see my #coradiary2017 project and be sure to post your projects on Instagram or Facebook using the #2017diaryproject hashtag. Enjoy. Note: All diaries are mostly full of beautiful old ledger entries so there's not many blank pages. Note: Any of the journals that I sell are vintage and with that comes vintage smells of old paper. I would not sell anything that I wouldn't use myself but just be aware that if you have any major sensitivities or allergies, you might want to reconsider your purchase. No returns please.