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  • Image of 1976 Diary
  • Image of 1976 Diary

1976 Diary


This year I took an old diary from 1946 written by a woman named Cora and added a sketch to each entry. I love to peek into Cora's life and add some of my daily happenings too. It's a great way to create a small piece of art a day, do a warm up or just keep your art going when you're in a slump. Each diary is filled for the entire year with old handwriting in pen or pencil. I show photos of the condition of the diary and what the handwriting looks like. The diaries are in good shape but are somewhat fragile as are any papers of this age. As with any old paper, the diaries have an old paper smell but it's not offensive. If you don't want the old smell that comes with old paper, please reconsider your purchase. No refunds or returns please. To paint in the diaries I use a thin white gesso coating on the pages. This lets the watercolor show up better and adds just a little thickness. Anything like acrylic or heavy mediums will make the paper crack. Pencil and pen work just fine too.